Is It Even Worth Posting?

This recipe was so incredibly simple that it doesn't seem fair to say that I made it. It's one step up from microwaving a t.v. dinner. Sautéed Sausage with Onions and a Side Salad. That's it. The sausage link was precooked. I just had to heat it up with the onions. I know. Please hold … Continue reading Is It Even Worth Posting?

A Very Moldy Lesson Learned

Tonight I made Southwestern Grilled Steak with Mixed Vegetables and a Side Salad. I marinated the steaks overnight with a dry rub mixture that I made. It was delicious, although I think next time I'll ease up on the chili powder. This recipe was fairly straight forward so I don't really feel that there was … Continue reading A Very Moldy Lesson Learned