So good I ate it twice! Technically thrice!

I have very strict rules about leftovers. I generally don't eat them. In the event that I eat leftovers, these rules are applicable: 1. It has to be absolutely delicious. 2. There are no other options for a meal. 3. I'm too lazy to make anything else. 4. It has to have been made in … Continue reading So good I ate it twice! Technically thrice!

Love at First Leftover

I decided to have the Alabama Roast again....with a twist. Here's the backstory: I was watching "Modern Marvels" on the History channel (my Dad would be proud) and the episode was about the process of making cheese. This made me crave a grilled cheese sandwich. However, I didn't want to waste the delicious roast that … Continue reading Love at First Leftover