Shrimp Soup

It's not as good, or purposeful, as you might think. Tonight, I made shrimp and grits, with some added ingredients because I'm not one to waste perfectly good vegetables.  That being said, it still did not make up for the overwhelming amount of liquid in my shrimp and grits. The problem being that I'm lazy, … Continue reading Shrimp Soup


Every Spring, my family and I pick out plant or flower seeds, pot them, and wait for them to grow.  The first week is always the hardest for my kids.  Nothing appears to be happening, and they aren't the most patient of creatures.  Usually a couple of weeks go by and tiny sprouts are finally … Continue reading Legos

Not Worth It.

Some things in life are "worth it" and others are not. Jumping through hoops and hurdles to get what you want in life is "worth it". The experience that I went through for this recipe is not "worth it". In fact, it's completely "worthless". Let's start with things that I know could have been improved … Continue reading Not Worth It.