Oops, I did it again….

I seriously do not learn from my hard lessons in cooking.  Remember when I posted about how insanely difficult it was to fish lemon seeds out of a blender?  Yeah, well, I didn't really learn my lesson because I freaking did it again!  I mean, seriously....what is wrong with me?  Here I am on my second … Continue reading Oops, I did it again….

This is probably a terrible idea.

See that steam? The picture doesn't do it justice.  There was even more steam as The Great Thaw progressed.  It all started with me not reading the directions of a recipe in detail.  I had all intentions of cooking Butternut Squash Spaghetti....until I got home and read that after I fight with the butternut squash … Continue reading This is probably a terrible idea.


Every Spring, my family and I pick out plant or flower seeds, pot them, and wait for them to grow.  The first week is always the hardest for my kids.  Nothing appears to be happening, and they aren't the most patient of creatures.  Usually a couple of weeks go by and tiny sprouts are finally … Continue reading Legos