Chocolate Pudding????

Insert high-pitched, not-quite-sure-what-it-tastes-like voice when reading the title. Last night a friend of mine sent a recipe to me. It sounded delicious and I just so happened to have all of the ingredients in my kitchen.  I also just happened to have bought a hand mixer so I thought this would be the perfect recipe … Continue reading Chocolate Pudding????


Lemons to Pits….

I've had a parsnip or two in my life, but never have I ever prepped them or cooked them.  They've always magically appeared on my plate, i.e.; my husband made them. This time I made them.  What started out as a nice, lovely, refreshing surprise, has turned into something I can't get removed from my … Continue reading Lemons to Pits….

Shrimp Soup

It's not as good, or purposeful, as you might think. Tonight, I made shrimp and grits, with some added ingredients because I'm not one to waste perfectly good vegetables.  That being said, it still did not make up for the overwhelming amount of liquid in my shrimp and grits. The problem being that I'm lazy, … Continue reading Shrimp Soup