Just Some Quick Helpful Information

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate every person that has reached out to me in support, to offer help, or to just share my fears with me about my recent diagnosis. Thank you to everyone.

In the short time that I’ve had to read over resources, I stumbled upon a couple that I wanted to share, because I think everyone might like some quick information if they are seeking help for a possible thyroid condition.

The first is a brochure from the American Thyroid Association that I actually received from Quest Diagnostics. Did you know that you can register for an account and all of your lab work will just magically appear there? We move around quite a bit and since there are more Quest Diagnostics locations than I can shake a stick at, I thought it would be worthwhile to register. This way all my records are in one place so I don’t have to request lab results from every doctor I’ve ever had or ever will have. This plan doesn’t work if any future doctors don’t use Quest Diagnostics….Ya hear me, future doctors that I might have, use Quest Diagnostics for my convenience. Thank you.

Anywho, here is the brochure that gives a brief overview of the thyroid, what it does, and what each of the thyroid function tests show.

Next is something that my little detail-orientated heart cannot skip enough beats about. It’s a CHART that tells you what you can and can’t eat when on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet! Say what?! Oh my gosh! I visual aid? Sign me up! And I did. You can too. Right here (scroll all the way down, but don’t miss the resources above it). If you don’t want to read the resources, at the very least, sign up for their Quick Start Guide!

Here is the chart that says what you can have: foods_to_include

Here is the chart that says what you can’t have: foods_to_avoid

I plan to post more about the awesome resources that people send to me, or ones that I stumble across on Quest Diagnostics 😂. Totes kidding, hopefully I don’t have any more auto-generated brochures due to horrible lab work results.


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