Full Disclosure

I decided to try this blog thing out and be casually serious about it. Is that a thing? I mean, I enjoy blogging (mainly because I’m too lazy to handwrite in a diary anymore and if feels good to just let.it.out.), but I have friends who are successful (and darn good) at being bloggers, and of course I follow way too many bloggers on Instagram, so I thought “Why not me?”. Well, here it goes. I added an affiliate link disclosure to my Home page so that I can be FTC compliant. The affiliate program I joined is through Amazon, and I think there has to be 3 purchases via my links within 180 days for me to be approved and/or to keep my affiliate privileges….so this whole affiliate thing may not even be long-lived, but I hope it will be because I want to help everyone else who is stumbling their way through cooking, and life, because I sure am.

The items I’ve linked are items that I use basically every day of my life in the kitchen. To include the Amazon Echo, because hello, “Alexa, how many table spoons are in 1/4 cup?”….cuz I have no clue, and I keep running out of measuring spoons because I’m a #messychef. Maybe I should add those to the “Products I Use” list.

AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaand, I just found out that Target has created an affiliate program, so I have literally lost my mind and cannot wait to link all of the things because Targetismylife.

Thanks for joining me in the Exploits!




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