Shrimp Soup

It’s not as good, or purposeful, as you might think.

Tonight, I made shrimp and grits, with some added ingredients because I’m not one to waste perfectly good vegetables.  That being said, it still did not make up for the overwhelming amount of liquid in my shrimp and grits.

The problem being that I’m lazy, to an absolute fault.  I’m also not well versed in the art of cooking, or following directions for that matter.  I used frozen shrimp and didn’t thaw the shrimp before plopping the giant frozen shrimp blob into the turkey kielbasa and veggies.

Hence, the shrimp soup.

In an attempt to “cook off” the liquid, I actually made a zucchini paste. It’s absolutely as gross as it sounds.  The water and pulp from the zucchini cooked down before the excess liquid did and created this sort of mushy, shrimp and zucchini-skin mixture.

It was singlehandely the most gag-worthy thing I’ve ever made in the kitchen.  And that’s saying a lot since I generally have no idea why I’m even in the kitchen to begin with.

Lesson learned:  read the directions. I mean, really, how many times is it going to take before I learn this?

Positive lesson learned: Zucchini skin shrimp soup ain’t too bad if you add enough grits.

Here is the watery concoction in process.


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