Oops, I did it again….

I seriously do not learn from my hard lessons in cooking.  Remember when I posted about how insanely difficult it was to fish lemon seeds out of a blender?  Yeah, well, I didn’t really learn my lesson because I freaking did it again!  I mean, seriously….what is wrong with me?  Here I am on my second excursion of seed fishing, like I’m on some kind of Alaskan cruise, doing something exciting for the day.  Well, it was not exciting, but it did take me all day.IMG_0361 2.JPG

Moving along….so I’m making a cauliflower alfredo and at the end of the recipe it said to add my favorite vegetables.  There was some leftover zucchini from the prior night’s recipe and I thought, “Yes, this will be amazing!”.


And it was! Look at this amazingness! Do not turn your nose at cauliflower alfredo, it’s delish!


Lesson learned:  Turn the damn lemon right side up so the seeds don’t go into your blender.  Like, for real, just do it.

Positive lesson learned:  Being vegan is far more yummy than I thought it would be, when I’m actually adhering to the lifestyle….because like, Chick-Fil-A is also yummy.


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