Every Spring, my family and I pick out plant or flower seeds, pot them, and wait for them to grow.  The first week is always the hardest for my kids.  Nothing appears to be happening, and they aren’t the most patient of creatures.  Usually a couple of weeks go by and tiny sprouts are finally noticed.  I need to add that my kids take little interest in maintaining these plants, and I rarely supervise the actual potting of seeds.

My son loves Legos like none other.  On Christmas morning he spent over five hours putting together eight sets of Legos.  We had to pull him away for food and potty breaks like some kind of finalist in a Guinness Book of World Records contest.  He’s obsessed, to say the least, and was determined to finish putting the sets together in one sitting.

This modest tan flower pot was in his charge that breezy Spring day six weeks ago when we planted flowers seeds as a family.

I’ve been watering this pot for weeks with no sign of life.  I’ve been beating myself up over my apparent black thumb, but in reality, I’m pretty sure my son just planted a Lego.



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