Capers….who needs ’em?

Why are capers so immensely hard to get out of their teeny jars?

I certainly never need enough capers to warrant purchasing a giant jar of them. Though said jar has a wide enough opening that would allow me easy access to retrieve the capers, I’m just not willing to buy one. The 4-ounce jar lasts me forever but maybe that’s because I can never actually use the correct measured amount.

After digging around the jar with a 1/4 teaspoon sized measuring spoon, I just give up after I’ve smashed most of them with the measuring spoon.

This is the process:

1. Open jar.

2. Find tiniest measuring spoon that will allow you to scoop a reasonable amount of capers at once without needing to take 100 “trips” to the jar to measure out the 2 tablespoons of capers that are needed for the recipe.

3. Try once. Smash all of the capers on top.

4. Try pouring the capers into a larger measuring spoon.

5. Obtain nothing but caper juice into larger measuring spoon whilst the capers remain firmly in their jar.

6. Pour juice back into jar.

7. Spill most of juice on counter.

8. Reattempt smallest measuring spoon tactic.

9. Fail miserably and decide that capers aren’t really needed for this recipe.

Lesson Learned: How important are capers to a recipe, really?

Positive Lesson Learned: I really like capers but not that much.


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