Bueller?…. Bueller?….Bueller?….

I’m sure you’ve all been dying with anticipation of my next entry seeing as it’s been a while since I last posted…..(insert crickets chirping). That’s pretty much what I expected.

Truth be told, I’ve had a lot of successes. There have been a few misses such as tonight when I tried to make fish. Remind me to never make fish again. The pain of making it is not worth the end result. Maybe that is a reflection of my skills in the kitchen…perhaps fish is not my forte.

Alas, fear not for I will soon be posting on a much more regular basis. I’m sure you’re all very, very excited….(insert more crickets chirping).


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  1. nicdowell says:

    You have officially been named as a Liebster Blog Award winner. Check it out over at http://familystylemayhem.wordpress.com/

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