Long Time No Post

It’s been so long that I couldn’t remember the name of my blog to log in and write a new post. That can’t be good.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any new recipe to post about.

Tonight, I used the slow cooker to reheat a frozen soup that I made a couple of months ago. I think it was some kind of Italian soup with Italian sausage (go figure), zucchini, red beans, tomatoes and some green, leafy vegetable that I couldn’t quite put my finger on the taste of nor do I remember what it was when I made the soup to begin with.

Seeing as a lot has happened in the last several weeks, I’d say it’s perfectly acceptable for me to be lazy…..and forgetful.

Speaking of recent events, our family welcomed a new addition. Hence the laziness and lack of posts (and forgetfulness). I’m not lazy, I’m tired.

And I have dried spit up on my shirt.


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