So good I ate it twice! Technically thrice!

I have very strict rules about leftovers. I generally don’t eat them. In the event that I eat leftovers, these rules are applicable:

1. It has to be absolutely delicious.

2. There are no other options for a meal.

3. I’m too lazy to make anything else.

4. It has to have been made in the last 24 hours.

In this case, rule number one is what applied. Actually, all four rules applied since I ate this delicious meal for lunch today.

The only exception to these rules are leftovers from Holiday meals. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. For some reason, food that is prepared for those meals can be eaten for days to come.

What I made last night was amazing, not only for dinner but for lunch today…as well as a modification for tonight’s meal.

Last night I made Spiced Orange Chicken. I even thought that the next time I’m craving Chinese food, that I could just make this meal instead of ordering. Then I realized the best part of ordering Chinese food is the fortune cookie. Unfortunately, my recipe did not include instructions on how to make a fortune cookie.

Because this meal was so incredibly delectable, I had it for lunch. The second meal for the week is Tuna Pita Sandwiches. Obviously, I did not use the chicken for this meal. I skipped ahead to meal number three, Cranberry-Feta Chicken Salad. The reason I did this is because of the four rules listed above. If I had made meal two tonight, it would have been 48 hours since I made the chicken that is to be used for meal three. 48 HOURS?! Are they crazy?! Who is writing this meal plan? A hoarder? Does he/she just hold on to food until it is practically rotten?! Apparently so.

Lesson learned: Some people will eat anything, no matter how old it is. I shudder and gag at this thought.

Positive lesson learned: I would make an AWESOME Chinese restaurant chef.



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