Holy Procrastination, Batman!

Well, I have made several meals over the last couple of weeks. Some hits, some misses. I’m not going to go over every single one as that would be not only excruciatingly painful to write, but I’m sure it would be as equally painful to read. You might as well pick up the 7th book of the Harry Potter series and call it “Exploits in the Kitchen”. Because that’s about how long this entry would be.

One of my favorites that I made was Buffalo Chicken Salad! Yum! So good. The best part about it is that I already had buffalo sauce in my kitchen (I’m lazy).

A meal that surprised me was the Open Face Egg and Ham Sandwich. It wasn’t unlike having Brinner but still not quite Brinner. Nonetheless delicious!

Cutting out the rest of the meals, I will say that my frustration continues with poorly judged cooking times being listed on my recipe sheet. I would say that 3 out of the 7 meals from the most recent week’s meal plan either took much longer to cook than stated OR took way less time to cook, hence a lot of burned, wasted food. I think I’ll write a stern letter of complaint.

Lesson learned: Whoever is writing this meal plan is an idiot and is apparently as inept in the kitchen as myself.

Positive lesson learned: You can’t go wrong with using ingredients you already have in your house! So convenient.


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