How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.

I will most definitely feel free to brag about this meal to anyone who even looks like they are about to ask me what I made. Please, someone ask me what I made? Bueller? Bueller? Fine, I’ll tell you.

I made the most amazing Mango Tilapia with a side of asparagus that this kitchen has ever seen! And it was so incredibly easy!

The hardest part was cutting the mango into cubes. Has anyone tried to cut a mango? I have not, prior to this recipe. Perhaps, once, I have tried to cut a mango but it was a long time ago and I certainly forgot about the hard center.

Once I maneuvered around that obstacle like a boss, I was rockin’ and rollin’. I threw the lime juice, the salt, and the red onion into the bowl and let it chill while I broiled the tilapia. I was a bit apprehensive about the mango salsa seeing as the recipe called for cilantro and I had thrown out my cilantro just the day prior. Rats, what perfect timing.

The problem is that I had apprehension about this recipe for days. I really did not want to make it. Something about having to thaw the tilapia and this that and the other made the thought of making it, just exhausting in and of itself. Seeing as this hurdle took days to get over, the cilantro had gone bad.

Moving on.

Once the tilapia was done, I placed the mango salsa on top. I sat down, took a bite and fell in love. So many flavors! They all came together perfectly!

Lesson learned: There must be an easier way to cut a mango.

Positive lesson learned: (flash back to previous post) Following directions is essential. Not only for optimum taste, but optimum “doneness”.


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