Half Means Half

Ok, well, it’s been a while. I did cook one meal that I didn’t blog about. I should have though, it was wretched. But life is busy and I got the stomach flu. I hope the wretched meal and the stomach flu aren’t related, otherwise I really need to take some cooking lessons.

Moving on to tonight’s meal. Chicken Alfredo Bake. It was DELISH! Very simple (always a plus).

However, the directions said “use half of a jar of Alfredo sauce”. I poured what looked like half of a jar into the baking dish, per the directions. Then realized that it was actually three-fours of a jar. I thought “What am I going to do with one-fourth of a jar of Alfredo sauce?”. Rather than using my newfound kitchen “ingenuity” skills,  I decided to dump the entire jar of Alfredo into the baking dish.

My “Chicken Alfredo Bake” turned into “Alfredo Soup”. It was good, just very liquidy.

Lesson learned: Half means half.

Positive lesson learned: What makes a Chicken Alfredo Bake even more delicious? More Alfredo of course!


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