Thyme Is Not On My Side

Mediterranean Skillet Chicken…sounds good in theory, right?

It’s my own fault. I improvised. Disaster alway strikes when I improvise.

However, I would like to put some of the blame onto the meal planning website’s lack of editing. One can of diced tomatoes was on the shopping list but on the recipe it listed “Italian Style Diced Tomatoes”. So what did I buy? Regular diced tomatoes.

I noticed this error when I was preparing the meal. I thought, “It’s ok, you have Italian Seasoning in your spice rack”. Once I looked at the seasoning, I thought “Uh-oh. Is that thyme?”. The “uh-oh” is because I’m not a fan of thyme. The flavor is ok but the texture and little bits of hard, dried plant product is absolutely appalling to me.

So what did I do? I threw it in the skillet anyway. If only I had fully remembered my disdain for thyme.

The recipe itself was extremely easy to make. Had it not been for the thyme, it would have been absolutely every bit of delicious and flavorful…..except for continually spitting out pieces of this wretched herb.

Lesson learned: I really need to be more selective of the ingredients that I improvise with…..and I still don’t like thyme.

Positive lesson learned: Omit ingredients that I don’t like.

Side note: I Google searched “thyme”. The first result was of a link to Wikipedia stating that “Ancient Egyptians used thyme for embalming”. Why would anyone enjoy thyme after gaining that knowledge?! It’s just another reason for me to dislike it.


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