I Should Have Listened

I made Stuffed Green Peppers with Brown Rice on the side.

The inside “stuff” was delicious! The brown rice and peppers, not so much.

A friend of mine is also doing the same meal plan that I’m doing (remember folks: E-MEALZ Easy Meals for Busy and Frugal Families, try it, you’ll love it). The day prior to me making this dish she had asked if I’ve made it yet. I said that I had not but that I have made stuffed peppers before (just once before).

She recommended that I boil the peppers ahead of time because hers came out too hard. I had all intentions of doing just that but time did not permit when I made the dish. I had a late start on dinner and I figured that maybe it wouldn’t be “that” bad if they weren’t soft.

What a mistake. It was awful. The stuffing was fantastic but the peppers were so hard that it was as if I had left raw green peppers in my car on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, the same goes for the brown rice.

Lesson learned: Make time to boil peppers before stuffing them. Also, figure out how to make good brown rice.

Positive lesson learned: The recipe for the “stuff” would be delicious in other dishes. Dare I create my own recipe? I dare!


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