A Very Moldy Lesson Learned

Tonight I made Southwestern Grilled Steak with Mixed Vegetables and a Side Salad.

I marinated the steaks overnight with a dry rub mixture that I made. It was delicious, although I think next time I’ll ease up on the chili powder.

This recipe was fairly straight forward so I don’t really feel that there was anything to learn other than adding flank steak to my repertoire.

However, whilst searching for the ranch dressing in my refrigerator, I found (at the very least) two week old turkey burgers in a plastic container. For anyone who knows me, mold is something that makes me hurl. I gag just thinking about it.

Lesson learned: Clean your refrigerator out regularly. By “regularly” I mean “daily” as to avoid any food that accidentally gets pushed to the back of the refrigerator, only to be found weeks later next to the ranch dressing.

Positive lesson learned: Steak is extremely easy to make. No wonder my husband loves it so much.



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