Lackluster Polynesian Chicken

Although this meal was extremely easy to make, I think I still somehow found a way to mess it up.

This recipe called for the slow cooker (my new favorite counter-top kitchen appliance).

I decided to take it upon myself to alter the recipe purely out of sheer laziness. I think that was my first mistake.

The directions specified to cook the chicken for the first four hours then add the mixture of apricot preserves, crushed pineapple and soy sauce during the last hour of cooking. I decided that wasn’t necessary and just added everything in all at once.

The result was a very moist chicken that lacked flavor. Maybe if I had followed the directions it would have turned out better. Perhaps not. Maybe I didn’t use enough preserves and pineapples. Who knows?

I suppose I could attempt to make this dish again except for the fear that it would be just as disappointing no matter when I added the fruity concoction.

Lesson learned: Follow the recipe. I feel like I’ve already written that down as a lesson that I have learned. I don’t believe I’ve learned it yet.

Positive lesson learned: The slow cooker is still simply amazing.


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