Oh My Mush

Last night’s dinner was also this morning’s breakfast.

The item on the menu: Scrambled Egg Fajitas.

You’d think that there would be some meat involved in these fajitas. There was not. Just fajita seasoned vegetables. I was slightly disappointed.

At the start of prepping for the meal, I was so proud of myself because I decided to use my new electric chopper to shorten prep time. Big mistake. I should have known that red pepper, green pepper and onions might have been to watery for the chopper.

The chopper worked great! Just a little too great. What was supposed to be chopped veggies turned into vegetable mush. A mush that I was, per the recipe, supposed to “heat in a skillet until tender”. It turned more into “heat in a skillet until all of the water evaporates”. Leaving me with a mixed pepper and onion paste. Oh my.

I then threw in some eggs, scrambled them, heated up some tortillas, placed my mushy mess on a tortilla with some salsa and cheese and called it dinner…and breakfast today. Pretty tasty.

Lesson learned: Chopped means chopped, not mush. So just use a knife.

Positive lesson learned: It all tastes the same no matter the texture.


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