I Fall to Pieces

That’s what this recipe should have been called rather than the very misleading Gryo Turkey Burger name it was given.

I don’t know much about making burgers but I do know that when my Mom made meatloaf, she always added egg to make the meat stick together. I also found this out the hard way when I grew up and tried to make meatloaf myself, forgetting about the egg that my Mom always added. It, too, fell to pieces.

This thought crossed my mind as I was reading the recipe for tonight and noticed that there was no mention of egg. But I thought to myself, “Self, don’t you think the recipe people would add this tid-bit into the recipe if it needed it?”. Of course I agreed with myself and continued on about my business.

As I was making my turkey burger patties and placing them on the griddle, I quickly realized that at some point, I would have to flip these burgers. This proved impossible. As soon as I flipped the first burger, I realized that I should have just ground up the meat, cooked it in a pan and retitled this recipe “Gyro Turkey Crumble”.

However, because I am slowly becoming a genius in the kitchen and in my professional life, “rigging” things up is a necessary skill, I found a way to make flipping burgers my “gig”. I realized that I needed not one but two spatulas. I used one to pick up the burger, then placed the second one on top, flipping the burgers in the spatulas then placing them each back on the griddle.

Like I said, pure genius!

Lesson learned: Don’t second guess yourself.

Positive lesson learned: Don’t second guess yourself.


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  1. Mallory says:

    If you are making burgers with beef, you usually do not need to add anything for them to stay together because they have enough fat to hold up. Turkey is so lean that it needs something to help. There are lots of different things you can add. A good one is pork sausage because it has the fat you need but also adds great flavor. There are tons of turkey burger recipes out there that can give you good ideas of things to add to keep them from falling apart.

  2. Thank you for the tip! Sounds yummy with the pork sausage added in there.

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