Hold the Jalapeño

First off, I must apologize for not posting last night. Truth be told, I had a massive late lunch of delicious BBQ. As a result of said fantastic, amazing, ginormous midday meal:

a) I wasn’t hungry when it came time for dinner


b) I was in bed by 8pm (apparently, I’m 90 years old now)

Moving on to tonight’s meal:

A delectable concoction of chicken, monterrey jack cheese, garlic and cilantro that is called Pepper Jack Chicken (minus the pepper).

The recipe called for one half of a jalapeño, which I quickly omitted.. My body was not meant to handle anything spicy. See my guts on the floor? I just spilled them everywhere. Not only would that happen if I were to eat spicy food, but it did just happen because I divulged that interesting tid-bit of information about myself to complete strangers on the internet.

Back to the recipe, it was chicken tenderloins brushed with the amazing, aforementioned mixture then broiled until golden brown. So good!

Lesson learned: When pulling items out of the broiling hot oven, do not use your non-dominant hand. You will drop something or get burned….or both.

Positive lesson learned: Using an electric chopper cuts prep time in HALF!


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