Where’s the beef?

Not in my meal tonight.

The recipe for tonight was Beef Carbona Crispy Pizzas, sans the beef. I substituted the beef for ground turkey and the bacon for turkey bacon. The turkey mixture was placed on top of tiny pitas that were toasted with olive oil and garlic salt in the broiler. All of which was topped with mozzarella (the best part).

Unfortunately, there was no sauce on my mini-turkey pizzas. The recipe didn’t call for it and I’m so new at following recipes that I didn’t notice it was missing. Who has pizza without sauce? Even if they are healthy, no-beef pizzas? If I had noticed this omission, I would have added it in. However, that could end in disaster…the whole improvising thing is not my gig.

Lesson learned: Add sauce. Who knew that even ground turkey can get dried out?

Positive lesson learned: I can eat a whole lot of tiny pitas.


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